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What is Reflexology?. Reflexology foot map

What is Reflexology?

If you're reading this page, you're probably wondering what reflexology is all about.

A simple explanation is that it is a gentle, non-invasive, holistic therapy that encourages your body to balance and heal itself.

When the body is relaxed, it starts to heal itself.

Thumb or finger pressure is applied to specific points on the hands or feet and these points are called 'reflexes'.

The reflexes mirror the organs and structures of the body and also reflect your emotional health.

An easy way to picture it is to imagine your hands or feet as mini maps of our body which can then be used to encourage holistic healing.

A theory which I particularly like that explains what reflexology is is the 'U-bend theory'.

To explain this, the feet are the furthest point in the circulatory system from the heart and just like a U-bend in a plumbing system, they trap all the body's rubbish.

In reflexology terms, this rubbish is thought to be calcium crystals, lactic or uric acid or lymphatic deposits which accumulate in the feet and, just like a clogged up plumbing system, can stop the body from working properly.

As a reflexologist, I can apply pressure to these crystals and work them out. Through doing this, the reflex is decongested and helps to relieve pain or discomfort in the part of the body it relates to.

There are many other theories too, but most of all, they all lead to reflexology being deeply relaxing , having a massive effect on your nervous system and therefore, easing this stress will help your body to heal itself.

After a few sessions, you'll soon discover just how relaxing the treatments are and be on the road to a better wellbeing.

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